Performance Tuning – Collapsible Reports

Performance Tuning – Collapsible Reports
As you know, the purpose of Operational reporting is to provide the real-time reporting requirements to the business and one of the key challenging tasks in operational reporting is “Report Performances”.
When user opens a dashboard page in OBIEE, the report will immediately start querying the data, based on the default prompts and it may take some time to run the default report (as shown below).

Generally, in many cases, different users will have different prompts criteria to run the same report and the default report may not always help the users.
If your requirement is avoid the default report and want to run the report based on the prompts selected, you can achieve this by using Collapsible report and Save Customization feature. This option will help users to avoid running the default report which will save time and ensure the server is not occupied. I had implemented this option in one of my operational reporting projects where end users were having lot of performance issues including opening the default report and they didn’t want to use the default report at all.
Collapsible report view and Save customization option.
To demonstrate, I have taken an example to show how we can use the collapsible report and customization option to avoid opening the default report.
Check the “Collapsible” option on the page option – edit dashboard.

Remove all the prompt values and collapse the report like above and save Customization as below.
Save Customization (page option – save current customization)

Give any name, use save for others option below

Ensure you check mark on the “Make this my default for this page”

Click on + sign to open the window.

Click on Search to get all LDAP groups list and Application roles.
Select appropriate LDAP and application roles and Click OK.

This customization will save for all users’ who are part of the selected LDAP groups.
How to Use:
1) Select the prompt values as per your requirements.
2) Click on Apply Button
3) Click on the Plus (+) mark to run the report.
Firstly, when you open the dashboard page, it will quickly show the report without query to the database, as this report is collapsed, once you select the prompt values and hit apply, the report will start querying to the database and bring required report data based on the prompt values selected.

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