OBIEE 11G Create Presentation Layer Objects

1 . Drag the D5 Sales Rep logical table from the BMM layer to the Sample Sales subject area in the Presentation layer.
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2 . Rename the D5 Sales Rep presentation table to Sales Reps.
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3 . Move the Sales Reps presentation table above the Base Facts table.
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4 . Expand the Sales Reps presentation table and notice that the H5 Sales Rep parent-child logical dimension is automatically included as a presentation hierarchy.
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5 . Double-click the H5 Sales Rep presentation hierarchy to open the Presentation Hierarchy dialog box.
6 . On the Display Columns tab, confirm that Sales Rep Name is set as the display column.
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7 . Click OK to close the Presentation Hierarchy dialog box.
8 . Save the repository and check consistency. Fix any errors or warnings before proceeding.
9 . Close the repository. Leave the Administration Tool open.

Test Your Work

1 . Return to Fusion Middleware Control and load the BISAMPLE repository. If you need help, click here to review steps from earlier in this tutorial.
2 . Return to Oracle BI, which should still be open, and sign in.
3 . Create the following analysis to test the parent-child logical dimension.
Sales Reps.H5 Sales Reps
Sales Reps.Position
Base Facts.Revenue

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4 . Click Results.
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5 . Expand the pivot table to view data at different levels of the hierarchy. Notice that the Revenue measure rolls up through each level.
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6 . Sign out of Oracle BI.

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