OBIEE 11G Create and Run an Analysis

1. Return to Oracle BI, which should still be open. If not, open a browser or browser tab and enter the following URL to navigate to Oracle Business Intelligence:
In this tutorial the URL is http://localhost:7001/analytics.
2. If necessary, log in as an administrative user. Typically you use the administrative user name and password provided during the Oracle BI installation. In this example the user name is weblogic.

3 . In the left navigation pane, under Create... Analysis and Interactive Reporting, select Analysis. Hint: If your session has not timed out, you can create a new analysis by selecting New > Analysis.
4 . Select the Sample Sales subject area.
5 . In the left navigation pane, expand the Base Facts folder and confirm that the Actual Unit Price and Revenue Rank columns are visible.
Screenshot for Step
6 . Create the following analysis by double-clicking column names in the Subject Areas pane:
Base Facts.Revenue
Base Facts.Revenue Rank
Base Facts.Units
Base Facts.Actual Unit Price

Screenshot for Step
7 . Sort Revenue Rank in ascending order.
Screenshot for Step
8 . Click Results to view the analysis results.
Screenshot for Step
Please note that the Actual Unit Price calculation is correct, although it does not make sense from a business perspective. For example, the unit price for an LCD HD Television would not be 9 dollars. This is a result of the underlying sample data.

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