OBIEE 11G Creating Calculation Measures

In this set of steps you use existing measures to created a derived calculation measure. To create a derived calculation measure you perform the following steps:
  • Open the Repository in Offline Mode
  • Create a Calculation Measure Derived from Existing Columns
  • Create a Calculation Measure Using a Function
  • Load the Repository
  • Create and Run an Analysis
  • Check the Query Log

Open the Repository in Offline Mode

1 . Return to the Administration Tool, which should still be open. If not, select Start > Programs > Oracle Business Intelligence > BI Administration.
2 . Select File > Open > Offline.
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3 . Select BISAMPLE.rpd and click Open. Do not select any BISAMPLE repository with an extension, for example, BISAMPLE_BI0025.rpd. Recall that these are the repositories that have been loaded into Oracle BI Server memory.
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4 . Enter BISAMPLE1 as the repository password and click OK to open the repository.
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