OBIEE 11G Building the Presentation Layer of a Repository

You have created the initial Sample Sales business model in the repository. You now create the Presentation layer of the repository. The Presentation layer exposes the business model objects in Oracle BI user interfaces so that users can build analyses and dashboards to analyze their data.
To build the Presentation layer you perform the following steps:
  • Create a Subject Area
  • Create Presentation Tables
  • Create Presentation Columns
  • Rename Presentation Columns
  • Reorder Presentation Columns

Create a Subject Area

1 . Right-click the white space in the Presentation layer and select New Subject Area to open the Subject Area dialog box.
Screenshot for Step
2 . On the General tab, enter Sample Sales as the name of the subject area.
Screenshot for Step

3 . Click OK to close the Subject Area dialog box. The Sample Sales subject area is added to the Presentation layer.
Screenshot for Step

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