OBIEE 11G Import Metadata and Define Physical Layer Objects

1 . In the Physical layer, expand orcl.
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2 . Right-click Connection Pool and select Import Metadata to open the Import Wizard.
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3 . In the Select Metadata Types screen, accept the defaults and click Next.
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4 . In the Select Metadata Objects screen, in the data source view, expand BISAMPLE and select the following tables for import:
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5 . Click the Import Selected button to move the tables to the Repository View.
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6 . Click Finish to close the Import Wizard.
7 . Confirm that the three tables are visible in the Physical layer of the repository.
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8 . Right-click SAMP_EMPL_PARENT_CHILD_MAP and select View Data.
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This is an example of a parent-child relationship table with rows that define the inter-member relationships of an employee hierarchy. It includes a Member Key column, which identifies the member (employee); an Ancestor Key, which identifies the ancestor (manager) of the member; a Distance column, which specifies the number of parent-child hierarchy levels from the member to the ancestor; and a Leaf column, which indicates if the member is a leaf member.
9 . Create the following aliases for the tables:
SAMP_EMPL_D_VH D50 Sales Rep
SAMP_EMPL_POSTN_D D52 Sales Rep Position
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10 . Use the Physical Diagram to create the following physical joins for the alias tables:
"orcl".""."BISAMPLE"."D52 Sales Rep Position"."POSTN_KEY" = "orcl".""."BISAMPLE"."D50 Sales Rep"."POSTN_KEY"
"orcl".""."BISAMPLE"."D50 Sales Rep"."EMPLOYEE_KEY" = "orcl".""."BISAMPLE"."D51 Sales Rep Parent Child"."ANCESTOR_KEY"
"orcl".""."BISAMPLE"."D51 Sales Rep Parent Child"."MEMBER_KEY" = "orcl".""."BISAMPLE"."F1 Revenue"."EMPL_KEY"
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