OBIEE 11G Testing and Validating a Repository

You have finished building an initial business model and now need to test and validate the repository before continuing. You begin by checking the repository for errors using the consistency checking option. Next you load the repository into Oracle BI Server memory. You then test the repository by running an Oracle BI analysis and verifying the results. Finally, you examine the query log file to observe the SQL generated by Oracle BI Server.
To test and validate a repository you perform the following steps:
  • Check Consistency
  • Disable Caching
  • Load the Repository
  • Set Up Query Logging
  • Create and Run and Analysis
  • Check the Query Log

Check Consistency

1. Select File > Check Global Consistency.
Screenshot for Step
2. You should receive the message Business model "Sample Sales" is consistent. Do you want to mark it as available for queries?
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3 . Click Yes. You should receive the message: Consistency check didn't find any errors, warnings or best practice violations.
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If you do not receive this message, you must fix any consistency check errors or warnings before proceeding.
4 . Click OK. Notice that the Sample Sales business model icon in the BMM layer is now green, indicating it is available for queries.
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5 . Save the repository without checking global consistency again.
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6 . Select File > Close to close the repository. Leave the Administration Tool open.

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