OBIEE 11G Test Your Work

1 . Return to Fusion Middleware Control and load the BISAMPLE repository. If you need help, click here to review steps from earlier in this tutorial.
2 . Return to Oracle BI, which should still be open, and sign in.
3 . Create the following analysis to test the level-based and share measures.
Base Facts.Revenue
Base Facts.Product Type Revenue
Base Facts.Product Share

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4 . For the Product Share column, select Column Properties.
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5 . On the Data Format tab, select Override Default Data Format.
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6 . Change Treat Numbers As to Percentage and set Decimal Places to 2. Deselect Use 1000's separator.
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7 . Click OK to close the Column Properties dialog box.
8 . Sort Product Share in descending order.
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9 . Click Results. Notice that Product Type Revenue returns dollars grouped by Type even though the query is at a different level than Type; Product in this example. Product Share shows the percent of total revenue for each product sorted in descending order.
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10 . Sign out of Oracle BI.
11 . Click OK when you receive the message: Are you sure you want to navigate away from this page?

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