OBIEE 11G Check the Query Log

1 . In this set of steps you use another method to check the query log. Click the Administration link in the upper right.
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1 . Click OK when you are asked "are you sure you want to navigate away from this page?"
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1 . On the Administration page, under Session Management, select Manage Sessions.
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1 . In the Cursor Cache section, locate your query and select View Log.
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2 . Your log entry should look similar to the screenshot.
Screenshot for Step
Note that the division of Revenue by Units is calculated in the outer query block (D1.c2 / nullif ( D1.c1, 0) as c3 in this example). Because you defined the Actual Unit Price calculation using logical columns, the SUM aggregation rule is applied to the Revenue and Units columns first and then the division is calculated.
3 . Click the browser back button to return to the Administration screen.
4 . Sign out of Oracle BI.

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