OBIEE 11G Creating a Simple Trellis View

1. Create a new analysis by selecting New>Analysis on the global header, and then selecting A-Sample Sales as the subject area.
2. On the Criteria tab, select the following columns:
Folder Columns
Time T05 Per Name Year
Products P4 Brand
Customers C50 Region
Base Facts 1-Revenue
Screenshot for Step
3 . Click the Results tab. Two views Title and Table appear.
Screenshot for Step
4 . Add the Trellis view. Select New View>Trellis>Simple.
Screenshot for Step
Scroll down to view the Trellis view.
Screenshot for Step
5 . Delete both the Title and Table views.
Screenshot for Step
6 . Save the analysis as My Trellis View, under the folder My Folders/Regional Revenue
Screenshot for Step
7 . Click the Edit View pencil icon Screenshot for Step in the Trellis view at the Compound Layout. Note that the layout pane appears vertical.
Screenshot for Step
8 . Arrange the dimensions and measure as shown below:
Screenshot for Step
Click Done.
9 . The Trellis view appears. Save the analysis. Observe that the measure has the same scale for all the Brands.
Screenshot for Step
This concludes the topic of creating a Simple Trellis view.

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