OBIEE11g – Table Views

Let us understand different Analysis (Answers) Views in OBIEE11g. There will be series of post on different Views in OBIEE11g Analysis (Answers).
How to Create a Simple Table View
New > Analysis > Subject Area
This will take you to the analysis criteria section. This section contains three sub sections, subject area, selected columns, and filters.

Select the required columns from the subject area and click on results. This will create the default table View in compound layout.

Important features: Schedule Agent, Table View Properties, Create Compound layout etc.
Click on the Edit Title view and provide required details, like report title, sub title, report run date, logo etc.
Click on the Edit Table View to edit table view layout.

On the table view edit section, rearrange the columns as per the report need. You can create prompt section and exclude columns from the table view.

Above is the Table View property. Paging Controls: Where you want to place the paging controls, by default it will be at bottom, you can change it onto top. Rows Per Page: By Default only 25 rows it will display, you can change it. Enable alternative row green colour etc.

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