OBIEE Server Administration

BIEE Developers tend to make smaller changes in rpd file and unit test the same, hence starting the whole of BI Server process (Web logic Server + BI Server) is a time consuming process.  OBIEE Server Administration can be done in a quick and simple way using the “opmnctl”  command line utility. This is mainly for developers and not for administrators.

Steps to make a rpd change and load it to BI Server for testing:
·         Make changes in the rpd file
·         Go to  D:\OBIEE11G\instances\instance1\config\OracleBIServerComponent\coreapplication_obis1
·         Open NQSConfig.INI and replace
Star = older.rpd, DEFAULT;
Star = new.rpd, DEFAULT;
·         Save the NQSConfig.INI and close
·         Start > run > type cmd
·         Go to the path D:\OBIEE11G\instances\instance1\bin
·         Issue the command “opmnctl status”, if any of the services is alive issue the command “opmnctl stopall” followed by “opmnctl startall” . This will start the services with the new rpd loaded onto the BI Server.
·         If the “opmnctl status” shows as stopped then just issue “opmnctl startall” and this will start all the BI Services.

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