OBIEE Briefing Books

OBIEE Briefing Books (Siebel Analytics Briefing Book)

OBIEE Briefing Book
OBIEE briefing books reports the captured series of snapshots of Oracle BI Dashboards. The Briefing Book provides a way to create snapshots of dashboard pages, view them offline, or share them with others. Multi-page Briefing Books have paging controls and are well-suited for presenting information to others. Briefing Books also provide a way to archive the information in a dashboard, or they can be saved locally (on a desktop, for example) and can be updated with a single click whenever the user chooses.
How to Install Briefing Book Reader
After successfully download  we can get it in Client Ancillary folder.
To Install follow the simple instructions
Briefing Book  Reader 1
Briefing Book  Reader 2
Click Next
Briefing Book  Reader 3
Click Next
Briefing Book  Reader 4
Briefing Book  Reader 5
Click Finish.
By Default user doesn’t  have access for Briefing Book …We need to do some settings using Manage privileges
Go to Settings > Administration > Manage Privileges
All the users have Access if you select Everyone.
bb 1
Now In below screen shot I have highlighted Briefing Book Section with red color. That indicates that every user has the access to Add the dashboard in Briefing Book or Edit the Briefing Book, as well as download the Briefing Book.
According to User’s privileges user can see the Briefing Book icon on the Dashboard Page. like this
bb5After Enabling  the feature User can make some changes in Answers.
If user have the privileges then on each page left bottom user can have the briefing book icon.
If  User wants to see the Briefing Book request which he saved . User has to follow few steps.
1. Go to Dashboard> Edit Dashboard > select request > save request > Click on Briefing Book icon and below page will pop up.
Here user can save the request  in 2 ways.
1) Snapshot : Here we can add the content in its current state.  which  user can only see ,but can not update.
2) Updateble: User can update it , view it and modify it. this content refreshed when briefing book is downloaded.
All the Briefing Book can be download and save. It saved under My Briefing Books.See the screen shot below.

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