outer join

s there a way to specify an outer join in the physical layer

he dropdown box is disabled when I open the join dialog.
For the benefits of others readers, the customer wanted to know if it is possible to specify an outer join in the physical layer. Actually it is not possible explicitly specify an outer join in the physical layer. However, is possible to do this in the Business Model layer at either the “Business Model Diagram” level or within logical sources. Once done in either of those areas, the Analytics Engine will pass that join type into the generated physical SQL. The behavior of the two types of joins is:
 Full Outer Join defined in the “Business Model Diagram” between Logical Tables A & B – join will be performed between all foreign key relationships for the set of logical sources in logical tables A & B.
- Full Outer Join defined in a Logical Source – join will be performed only on the foreign key relationship chosen to define the join on.
The database features options for LEFT_OUTER_JOIN_SUPPORTED and RIGHT_OUTER_JOIN_SUPPORTED relate to whether the generated SQL will contain that syntax.

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