Execute Direct SQL

Uses of ” Execute Direct SQL “( Direct Database Request)
We have seen this in Answers page .Under the subject area.  Lets know something more about this today…
Direct database request 1
In Answers with the help of this feature Administrator can debug some issues like….
1) Check physical connectivity to the database .
2) Check report or dashboard performance (Performance Tuning) ..etc…
It is not a good practice to allow this feature to Production users. There are several reasons ….
1) User can by-pass a data level security defined in the repository .
2) They can overload  production database
3) Users can delete some important database object.
4) They can see some other tables which are not available for them to see…etc…
We can disable ” Execute Direct SQL ” by the path below:
Answers > Settings > Administration > Manage Privilege .
Direct database request.jepg

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