Why Excel Viewer will not work on OBIEE Excel exports

When exporting to Excel from OBIEE, Excel Viewer will not be able to open what you download. This is because although the file extension is .XLS, the code is that of a MHTML file (single file web page). Excel Viewer cannot open this type of file. The error that I kept getting is “Microsoft Excel Viewer cannot open files of this type.”
When you open the file in notepad, you can see that the format is MIME and not what you would expect to see when opening a normal Excel file.
Exporting to Excel 2000 does not work either. This is what that file looks like when opening in notepad. You’ll notice that it is more in line with traditional HTML.
The response I got from Oracle when I opened a SR for this was that it was a bug/enhancement request that has been in the system since 2006. “BUG 5661454 – ABILITY TO GET EXCEL VIEWER WORKING WITH ‘DOWNLOAD TO EXCEL’” It is another issue that is supposed to be fixed with the OBIEE 11g release. This one is slated for

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