Report with Union

 have a report with UNION of 3 criteria and the result i am getting is one of the columns is a union of 3 columns like Age Group,Gender and Race and here the problem is i need to show them in order Race first, Age Group, Gender now it is showing in sorting order even though i cleared sort on all the columns 65+,75+,85+, Asain, Black,Female,Hispanic,Male instead i want the column to show me Asian, Black,Hispanic, 65+,75+,85+,Female, male also in that table i want to make the table line thicker after race category and Age Group

1) In each of your three separate queries, add another column.

2) Create BINS according to how you want the final report be sorted: Asian = '1', Black = '2', etc...

3) Sort on this column in the combined query.

Since each query will have the proper number assigned to the group, the report will sort as you wish...

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