OBIEE Catalog Manager

OBIEE Catalog Manager Explained

Catalog Manager
The catalog manager is an administration tool to manage the answers, dashboard, prompt of BI presentation services.
In the Catalog Manager  version if we open tool menu we can find 2 options described below.
1) Merge Development with production
2) Upgrade EBA Catalog
Today we will Discuss about Merging Web catalogs Using Catalog Manager.
After using MUD and process of checking in and checking out  we need to merge the catalog.
for that, pick a catalog folder where u have done all the changes recently, choose the folder where you have archived  presentation folder and choose the final destination presentation catalog.
Make sure you are opening Catalog manager in Offline mode.
path: Start > All programs > Oracle Business Intelligence > Catalog Manager >File > open catalog Manager
Choose the presentation catalog where u have made all the changes and give the path in which the new dialog box appear.
Click OK and you will be able to see the Catalog Manager.
cata 3
Now  go to Tool > Merge Development with production
cata 4
Now the Following Dialog box will appear and will ask the 2 folders where you have the catalog before changes and after changes.
cata 5
After entering both path,click OK.
After the process of merge will complete successfully .there is a new pop up which says create New catalog.
Now these completes the web catalog migration.
Use of  Catalog Manager
1) Set Permissions
cata 6
2) Create report using tool menu
cata 7
3) Export Caption  using tool menu
cata 8
How to move catalog objects from one Environment using Catalog Manager?
We can use catalog manager for test move and production move with help of Archive and Unarchive option in file menu. Just make sure you have opened the repository in Offline mode.
Generate an Achieve file from the catalog manager which you want to move.
cata 12
Open the catalog manager where you want to move the catalog files. And Unarchive the file which you have created in above steps.
cata 13
You can open both (source & destination)  catalog  side by side and copy  the catalog object from the source and paste it to the destination catalog manager.

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