Creating New Web Catalog

I have been seeing a lot where people take paint or samplesales webcat and either cloning it or modifying it to make a new webcat.  This has its issues and problems.  For one, you inherit all the users and privileges that are there, especially if you were using and modifying this before you decided that it was not a good idea and that you should have a webcat unique for your area or application.
Why do all that work? There is a faster and better way to make a new webcat.  Fastest and easiest way to make brand new webcat:
1. Modify ORACLEBIDATA_HOME/web/config/instanceconfig.xml. Change location of webcat to that of the new webcat.  For my example, I changed from samplesales to testCat.
2. Restart Presentation Services
Thats it! Simple right.  Well this is what is happening when you restart presentation services.  Presentation Services looks at configuration and see that the webcat to use is testCat.  It looks for webcat in the location specified to load.  If it does not find it, it creates one for you.

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