Oracle BI Security Manager

The Oracle BI Security Manager displays all security information for a repository. You can use the Security Manager to set up users and groups, synchronize LDAP users and groups, set access privileges for objects such as tables and columns, set filters on information, and set up a managed query environment in which you have a great deal of control over when users can access data.
NOTE:  You should read this section to understand the basics about security and setting up authentication. After reading this section, refer to details about configuring security for Oracle BI applications in Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Installation and Administration Guide.
The Oracle BI Server and Oracle BI Presentation Services client support industry-standard security for login and password encryption. When an end user enters a login and password in the Web browser, the Oracle BI Server uses the Hyper Text Transport Protocol Secure (HTTPS) standard to send the information to a secure port on the Oracle BI Presentation Services. From the Oracle BI Presentation Services, the information is passed through ODBC to the Oracle BI Server, using Triple DES (Data Encryption Standard). This provides a high level of security (168 bit), preventing unauthorized users from accessing data or Oracle BI metadata.
At the database level, Oracle BI Administrators can implement database security and authentication. Finally, a proprietary key-based encryption provides security to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the Oracle BI metadata repository.
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