Logical Level in a Dimension

When creating a logical level in a dimension, you also create the hierarchy by identifying the type of level and defining child levels. For more information about creating hierarchies for a multidimensional data source, refer to Creating the Business Model Layer for a Multidimensional Data Source.
To define general properties for a logical level in a dimension
  1. In the Business Model and Mapping layer, right-click a dimension and choose New Object > Logical Level.
  2. In the Logical Level dialog box, in the General tab, specify a name for the logical level.
  3. Specify the number of elements that exist at this logical level. If this level will be the Grand Total level, leave this field blank. The system will set to a value of 1 by default.
    This number is used by the Oracle BI Server when picking aggregate sources. The number does not have to be exact, but ratios of numbers from one logical level to another should be accurate.
  4. When the following criteria is met, perform the specified action:
    • If the logical level is the grand total level, select the Grand total level check box.
      NOTE:  There should be only one grand total level for a dimension.
    • If you want the logical level to roll up to its parent, select the Supports rollup to parent elements check box.
    • If the logical level is not the grand total level and does not roll up, do not select either check box.
  5. To define child logical levels, click Add.
  6. In the Browse dialog box, select the child logical levels and click OK.
    The child levels appear in the Child Levels pane.
  7. To remove a previously defined child level, select the level in the Child Levels pane and click Remove.
    The child level and all of its child levels are deleted from the Child Levels pane.
  8. (Optional) Type a description of the logical level.
  9. Click OK. 

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