Creating Business Model Objects

The Business Model and Mapping layer of the Administration Tool can contain one or more business model objects. A business model object contains the business model definitions and the mappings from logical to physical tables for the business model.
NOTE:  When you work in a repository in offline mode, remember to save your repository from time to time. You can save a repository in offline mode even though the business models may be inconsistent.
To create a business model
  1. Right-click in the Business Model and Mapping layer below the existing objects.
  2. Select the option New Business Model from the shortcut menu.
  3. Specify a name for the business model.
  4. If you wish to make the corresponding presentation layer available for queries, select the option Available for queries.
    NOTE:  The business model should be consistent before you make select this option.
  5. (Optional) Type a description of the business model, and then click OK. 

Create a Business Model

To create a new business model, perform the following steps:
1.In the Business Model and Mapping layer, right-click the white space and select New Business Model.

2.In the Business Model dialog box, name the business model SH and leave the Available for queries box unchecked. The Description edit box is used to add a comment for yourself or another developer. Leave it empty.

3.Click OK to close the Business Model dialog. The new SH business model appears in the Business Model and Mapping layer. The red symbol on the business model indicates it is not yet enabled for querying. You enable the business model for querying later after the Presentation layer is defined and the repository passes a global consistency check.

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