Associating a Logical Column and Its Table with a Dimension Level

After you create all logical levels within a dimension, you need to drag and drop one or more columns from the dimension table to each logical level except the Grand Total level. The first time you drag a column to a dimension it associates the logical table to the dimension. It also associates the logical column with that level of the dimension. To change the logical level to be associated with that logical column, you can drag a column from one logical level to another.
NOTE:  The logical column(s) comprising the logical key of a dimension table must be associated with the lowest level of the dimension.
After you associate a logical column with a dimension level, the tables in which these columns exist appear in the Tables tab of the Dimensions dialog box.
To verify tables that are associated with a dimension
  1. In the Business Model and Mapping layer, double-click a dimension.
  2. In the Dimensions dialog box, click the Tables tab.
    The tables list contains tables that you associated with that dimension. This list of tables includes only one logical dimension table and one or more logical fact tables (if you created level-based measures).
  3. Click OK or Cancel to close the Dimensions dialog box. 

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