Task Phase Dependency

Setting a Task Phase Dependency
A task phase dependency enables you to dictate additional dependency hints for tasks that are completely unrelated to each other through source/target table relationships.
To set a task phase dependency
1. In the DAC toolbar, select the appropriate source system container from the
drop-down list in the toolbar.
2. From the Menu bar, select Views, then select Design, then select Tasks.
3. Query for the task for which you want to add a phase dependency, and make sure
it is highlighted.
4. Click the Phase Dependency child tab.
5. Click Add/Remove.
6. In the Choose Phases dialog, select a phase and click Add.
7. Click OK in the message box that states the phase was added.
8. Select Phase, Grain, and Scope and click OK.
For information about these fields, see "Tasks Tab: Phase Dependency Subtab".
The task phase dependency appears in the Phase Dependency child tab.
9. Reassemble the appropriate subject area.
a. In the Subject Areas tab, query for the appropriate subject area.
b. Click Assemble.
10. Rebuild the execution plan.
a. Navigate to the Execution Plans tab in the Execute view.
b. Query for the appropriate execution plan.
c. In the Parameters child tab, click Generate.
d. In the top pane toolbar, click Build.

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