Task Group

Creating a Task Group

1.     The DAC automatically organizes tasks into a dependency structure based on dependency rules.

2.     For information about the DAC's dependency rules, see "How DAC Determines the Order of Task Execution within an Execution Plan".

3.     The DAC assigns priority randomly to tasks that have the same properties.

4.     You can use the Task Group feature to group such tasks that share the same properties and enforce a priority of your choosing.

5.     This feature can be useful for the following: truncation and restartability purposes;

6.     when more than one task with similar properties writes to the same table;
and when there is a circular read/write relationship between tables;
for example, task 1 reads from table A and writes to table B, and task 2 reads from table B and writes to table A.

7.     About Parameter Management
8-8 Oracle Business Intelligence Data Warehouse Administration Console User’s Guide

To create a task group

1. In the DAC, select the appropriate source system container from the drop-down
list in the toolbar.
2. From the Menu bar, select Views, then select Design, then select Task Groups.
3. Create a new task group.
a. Click New in the top pane toolbar.
b. In the Edit child tab, enter a name and select the appropriate properties.

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