Source System Container

Creating or Copying a Source System Container

1)   The metadata for a source system is held in a container.
2)   You cannot change the metadata for preconfigured containers. If you want to customize the metadata in a preconfigured container, you must first make a copy of the container.
3)   DAC keeps track  of all customizations in the copied container, so that at any time you can find the newly created objects and modified objects, as well as the original objects.
4)   You can also create a new, empty container  if you want to build your own container with customized metadata.

To create a new container or copy an existing container

1. In DAC menu bar, select File, then select New Source System Container.
2. Enter an ID and a name for the container.
About Customizing the Data Warehouse
8-2 Oracle Business Intelligence Data Warehouse Administration Console User’s Guide
The ID and Name fields are alphanumeric. The Name can contain spaces but the
ID cannot. The Name field must be at least five characters long.
3. Select one of the following:
Create Empty New Source System Container
Create as a Copy of Source System Container
4. If you are creating an empty, new container, click OK.
5. If you are making a copy of an existing container, select the existing container from
the drop-down list, and then click OK.

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