Customizing the Data Warehouse

About Customizing the Data Warehouse

1)   You can add tables, columns, and indexes to the data warehouse, and you can modify these existing objects.
2)   Customizing the data warehouse in this way requires using DAC and Informatica  client tools.
3)    For more information about using Informatica client tools to customize the Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse, see the Oracle BusinessIntelligence Applications Fusion Edition Installation and Configuration Guide.
Figure 8–1 shows the major steps required for adding a new object to the data
warehouse or modifying existing objects.  
As shown in Figure 8–1, you can begin the customization process by adding or modifying the new data warehouse object in DAC and then using the DAC's Data Warehouse Configurator to create or update the object in the data warehouse.
Alternatively, you can add or modify the object directly in the
data warehouse database and then use the DAC's Import from Database command to add the new object in DAC.
Adding a New Table and Columns to the Data Warehouse Customizing DAC Objects and Designing Subject Areas 8-3 Figure 8–1 Process Flow to Add New Object to Data Warehouse

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