Best Practices for Indexes

The following best practices apply to indexes:

1)    Always use all upper case characters for column names.
2)     If you have a foreign key column, associate the foreign key table and the join column.
3)    DAC uses this information to identify all the related tables to be loaded when a certain table needs to be loaded in the data warehouse.
4)     For Teradata databases, pay attention to the Teradata Primary Index property.
For Teradata databases:
Pay attention to the Teradata Primary Index property.
Pay attention to which columns need to gather statistics. Note that column
statistics are some what equivalent to indexes.
If you would have had indexes that span multiple columns for other
databases, consider defining multi-column statistics for Teradata.
Do not register any columns for source system container tables.
Make sure you add all the appropriate system columns. For example, all tables
should have the following:
ROW_WID in number format.
INTEGRATION_ID in varchar format.
DATASOURCE_NUM_ID in number format.

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