Data level Security

To test the initialization block and session variables, perform the following steps:

1.Click Manage > Security to open the Security Manager.
2.Click Groups in the left pane.
3.Right-click the white space in the right pane and select New Security Group.
4.Name the group CountryManagers.
5.Click the Permissions button to open the User / Group Permissions dialog box.
6.Click the Filters tab.
7.Click the Add button.
8.Click the Customers presentation table.
9.Click Select to add Customers to the User / Group Permissions dialog box.
10.Click the Expression Builder button (three dots) on the right to open the Expression Builder (you may need to scroll to see the button).
11.Select Logical Tables > Customers > Country and then click the Insert button to add Country to the formula.
12.Click the = operator to add it to the formula.
13.Select Session Variables > UserCountry and click the Insert button to add UserCountry to the formula as an argument in the VALUEOF()function.
14.Click OK to close the Expression Builder. The filter is added in the User / Group Permissions dialog box.
15.Click OK to close the User / Group Permissions dialog box.
16.Click OK to close the Group dialog box. CountryManagers is added as a group in the Security Manager.
17.Click Action > Close to close the Security Manager.
18.Check in changes.
19.Save the repository.
20.Return to Answers.
21.Log out of Answers.
22.Test the initialization block by logging in to Answers as one of the users in the initialization block: KurtKeiko,Charles, or Karen.
23.Create the following query:
Customers.Country, Times.Calendar.Calendar Year, Sales Facts.Amount Sold.
24.Click Results. The results of the query should correspond to the the user's country (Kurt = Germany, Keiko = Japan, Charles = United Kingdom, Karen = United States of America). The picture shows the results when the user = Kurt.
25.Leave Answers open.

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