Source System Containers

Source system containers hold repository objects that correspond to a specific source system.

For information about the different kinds of repository objects, see "About
DAC Repository Objects Held in Source System Containers".

You should use the preconfigured source system containers to create your own source system container.

The DAC client lets you do modifications to objects in your own source system container built as a copy of the preconfigured containers.

This enables About DAC Repository Objects Held in Source System Containers
3-4 Oracle Business Intelligence Data Warehouse Administration Console User’s Guide the DAC client to track the customizations, such as newly created objects, modified objects, and those that are used as is.

Caution: You should not modify objects in the preconfigured source
system containers either through the DAC client or directly through
SQL statements to the DAC repository. You must make a copy of a
preconfigured container in order to make any changes to it.
For instructions on creating a new source system container or copying an existing
container, see "Creating or Copying a Source System Container".

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