Oracle BI Delivers (iBots), Schedular in OBIEE

Oracle BI Delivers
Oracle BI Delivers are the interface used to create Oracle Business Intelligence Alerts based on analytic results. Oracle BI Delivers uses intelligence bots called iBots to detect specific results. IBots are software-based agents, driven by schedules or events that can access, filter, and perform analytic on data based on specified criteria.
Oracle BI Delivers detects specific results and immediately notifies the appropriate person or group through web,wireless, mobile, and voice communication channels.
Business Intelligence content can be delivered to a variety of devices:
  • Web browser
  • Email
  • Pager
  • Digital Cell Phone
  • Wireless PDA
  • Any other device capable of handling standard- based communication
IBots are software based engines that execute requests and generates responses to the appropriate people and devices.
Business Intelligence Alerts
Alerts are triggered when conditions that are configured in iBots are met.
If an alert is generated ,the Alerts! link appears  at the top of interactive Dashboard Page.
A specific Alerts section can be added to any dashboard page ,and Alert section then appear automatically on the first page of My dashboard.
How to Access Delivers
1) To Access Oracle BI Delivers ,open the Answers select More Products > Delivers
delivers 12) From the Delivers window, we can create a new iBot, Edit account, review shared iBots and so on. 
Steps to Configure an iBot
1. Configure the General tab
deli 6
While Configuring the General Tab you have to configure
  • Priority : High, Normal, Low
  • Data Visibility : ” Personalized ” or ” Not Personalized “
  • Run As : If  you select ” Not Personalized,” you can specify the user ID that is used to run the data ( in other words, mimic that user ID )
In Short,
Personalized : Uses the data visibility of each recipients to customize iBots delivery content to the specified recipients. This setting does not use the Run As field.
Not Personalized: Sends an iBot’s delivery content to the specified recipients. All users receive the same content ( as if they were the same user). This user needs to be specified in the Run as field.
2. Configure the Schedule tab
There are 3 parts of an iBot schedule.
  • start date & time
  • Recurrence
  • End date & Time
deli 73. Configure the Recipients tab
  • yourself
  • others
Recipients can be determined conditionally by the results of the request.
4. Configure the Delivery Content tab
deli 9
Select a request to be delivered
Enter a Headline.
And write in message.
5. Configure the destination tab
deli 10
  • Dashboard
  • Delivery Profile
Selecting devices here overrides the user’s delivery.
Here I have mentioned one thing which is most important in OBIEE performance tuning.
I have marked one circle with red color in screen shot. BI Administrators can create a Oracle BI Cache for individual users. Cache seeding speeds up response time for users when they actually run the requests on Dashboards. If Data already exists in the cache for a given query, the data is deleted and refreshed when iBot runs.
6. Save the iBots
deli 11and Name the iBot & click ok.

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