Best Practices for Containers

The following best practices apply to containers:

1)   When changes are made to objects in the container that owns them, the change is instantaneous.
2)    Changes made to parent objects in the owner container are automatically pushed to the parent referenced objects.
3)    When you add child objects to a parent object, you must you the Push to
          References right-click command (Design view) to push the changes to the child referenced objects.
For example, if you add a column to a table registered in DAC, the new column is not automatically added to the references in the other containers referencing the parent object.
4)    When you delete a referenced object, only the referenced object is deleted, not the originals object.
5)    If you delete an object from the owner container, the object is deleted and all references are deleted from the containers that may be referencing this object.
This is referred to as a deep delete. For example, if you delete a table from the owner container, the table and columns are deleted and subsequently from all the containers that may be referencing this object.
6)    If you delete a column from the owner table, the column is deleted in all the referenced objects.
7)    If you delete child objects from the owner object, the referenced child objects are automatically deleted.

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