Adding an Index to the Data Warehouse

Adding an Index to the Data Warehouse
Follow this procedure to add a new index to the data warehouse.
To add a new index to the data warehouse
1. Add the new index definition into the data warehouse database.
2. In the DAC toolbar, select the appropriate source system container from the
drop-down list in the toolbar.
3. From the Menu bar, select Views, then select Design, then select Tables.
4. Query for the table for which you want to import index definitions.
5. Right-click and select Import from Database, then select Import Indices.
6. Choose to import indexes for a selected table or for all the records retrieved in
your query, and click OK.
7. In the Import Indices dialog, select DataWarehouse from the Data Sources
drop-down list.
8. Click Read Indices.
a. In the list of indexes displayed, select the Import check box for the indexes you
want to import.
b. Click Import Indices.
An informational message indicates whether the process was successful.

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