About User Account Management

1.     The User Management feature includes three roles:
Administrator, Developer, and Operator.
2.     As shown in Table 4–1, each role has a set of permissions that determines what DAC functionality the role can access.
3.     The User Management dialog box enables a user with the Administrator role to manage user accounts.
4.     A user account includes a unique identifier, password, and one or more roles.
5.      The Administrator can also inactivate a user account.
6.     For instructions on managing user accounts, see "Creating, Deleting and Inactivating User Accounts".
7.     Upon the initial login to a new DAC installation, a user account with the
Administrator role is automatically created.
8.     This default user account name is Administrator, and the default password is Administrator.
9.     It is recommended that after the initial login, the user change the default password.
Note: A user with the Administrator role must distribute the DAC
Repository database authentication file to user accounts that need to
access the DAC Repository. For information about the authentication
file, see "DAC Repository Database Authentication File".
Table 4–1 User Account Roles and Permissions
Role                                                       Permissions
Administrator                    Read and write permission on all DAC tabs and dialog boxes.
Developer                                Read and write permission on the following:
                                                All Design view tabs
                                                   All Execute view tabs
                                                     Export dialog box
                                                  New Source System Container dialog box
                                                     Rename Source System Container dialog box
                                                             Delete Source System Container dialog box
                                                     Purge Run Details
                                                      All functionality in the Seed Data menu
Operator                             Read and write permission on all Execute view tabs

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