Configure Initial Extract Date

Initial Extract Date is required when you extract data for a full load. It reduces the volume of data in the initial load.

The specified initial extract date will be used as a filter on the creation date of the transactional data in the selected full extract mapping.

The default date is January 01, 1970.

When you set the Initial Extract Date parameter, ensure that you set it to the beginning of an accounting period and not a date in the middle of an accounting period.

For example, if you decide to extract data from June 2005, and the June 2005 accounting period starts on June 5, set the date to June 5, 2005.

To configure the initial extract date:

1. In DAC, go to the Design view, and select the appropriate custom container from the drop-down list.

2. Display the Source System Parameters tab.

3. Edit the value of the $$INITIAL_EXTRACT_DATE parameter.

4. Save your changes.

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